Communal riots in india essay

In the early 10th century, the Pratihara king Herambapala looted an image from a temple in the Sahi kingdom of Kangrawhich in the 10th century was looted by the Pratihara king Yasovarman. On the role of the Congress government in the State, the Commission observed that inefficient political leadership, vacillation for political reasons and conflicting orders issued to the Commissioner of Police resulted in a dilemma to shoot or not to shoot.

Some copies of the Bible were burnt by the Sangh Parivar activists claiming that they were a means to convert the people. His campaigns included plundering and destruction of Hindu temples such as those at MathuraDwarkaand others. In the midth century, the Chola king Rajadhiraja plundered a temple in Kalyani.

If you be slain you become a martyr, if you live you become a ghazi. The Sultan would not allow him to postpone the conflict, and the friends of God commenced the action, setting upon the enemy with sword, arrow and spear,—plundering, seizing and destroying However, gradually it turned into Hindu-Muslim communal riots.

Communal Violence in India – Essay

The police arrested some people in connection with these blasts. Different festivals are celebrated here with equal enthusiasm and people from different castes, backgrounds and religions work in perfect harmony with each other in offices and elsewhere.

The Hindu refused to change his view, and was killed. At early dawn the Emperor went in mounted on an elephant, attended by his nobles and chiefs on foot. Transmission of the Past Heritage: Religious issues were politicized. Hindu-Muslim riots broke out in Jamshedpur and Aligarh in and in Moradabad in King Jaipal, after receiving this peace offer, assumed that peace is likely and ordered his army to withdraw from a confrontation.

A communal conflict provides them with an opportunity to identify themselves with one of the contending parties. Sometimes, it is Delhi, at another time, it is U. Foreign missionaries are also active in certain backward areas of the country.

They no longer have the emotional sustenance and social security they used to get in their village homes by engaging themselves in traditional professions.

Intimacies leading to marriage ties are not "the done" thing; these are singular exceptions. In Munger, 27 people including three policemen were injured. As many as 1, people were killed and property worth crores of rupees destroyed.

List of riots in India

Communalism has flourished in India because the communalist leaders of both Hindu and Muslim communities desire to flourish it in the interest of their communities. Short essay on Communal Conflicts in India. The divide and the rule policy of the British regime ultimately led to the historic communal riots accompanying the balkanizationof the country on the two nation theory basis.

It was a demonstration of the deep seated communalism. Free Sample Essay on India’s Defence- Needs and Strategy. Short essay on Communal Conflicts in India Article shared by Even though India has proclaimed herself to be a secular state there is no wall to separate state and religion.

Religious violence in India, especially in recent times, has generally involved Hindus and Muslims, although incidents of violence have also involved atheists, Christians and Sikhs. There is also a history of Muslim – Parsi riots (List of riots in Mumbai).

COMMUNAL RIOTS — A THREAT TO NATIONAL UNITY “We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.” —- Swift India is a country consisting of a large number of state and union territories. The case studies of Baroda and Ahmedabad communal riots in Gujarat in Cen­tral India, Meerut, Aligarh and Moradabad riots in Uttar Pradesh, Jamshedpur in Bihar, and Srinagar in Kashmir in North India, Hyderabad and Kerala riots in South India, and Assam riots in East India vindicate my thesis.

In the communal riots during the period of independence millions of people were rendered homeless while millions of others lost their property. Communalism was responsible for the division of the country into India and Pakistan.

Communal riots in india essay
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Essay on Communal Harmony for Children and Students