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They were back by Lewis even helped Jefferson plan the exploration because Jefferson had never been more than fifty miles out of Virginia Blumberg They pick up their co-captain, Meriwether Lewis, in St-Louis.

The party reaches an area filled with rich wildlife and flora; they encounter herds of thousands of buffalos and the famed grizzly bears.

A map titled a custom lewis and clark lewis and other research documents. This section contains words approx. In late July, Lewis' party confronts a few Blackfeet warriors trying to steal their horses and guns; two Indians are killed in the scuffle that ensues.

In May, they reach the White Cliffs of the Missouri. In September, they reach the Bitterroot Mountains. Louis while they and the rest of the Corps headed for the Pacific. On October 10,he died mysteriously from two gunshot wounds near the Natchez trace, where there was a number of robbers coming up and down the river.

Afraid of reprisal, the group flees toward their rendezvous point with Clark at the mouth of the Yellowstone. The party reaches an area filled with rich wildlife and flora; they encounter herds of thousands of buffalos and the famed grizzly bears. Fort Mandan In early November, the Corps came across villages of friendly Mandan and Minitari Indians near present-day Washburn, North Dakotaand decided to set up camp downriver for the winter along the banks of the Missouri River.

The Indians helped Lewis and Clark make canoes to finish the trip to the Pacific. But they were no match for the military might of the Corps and moved on. Unfortunately for Jefferson, the French had already bought a large chunk of land in North America.

He knew Native American languages and he could hunt. In their journal they stated, "about 3 oClock the wind luled, and the river became calm, I had the canoes loaded in great haste and Set Out, from this dismal nitch where we have been confined for 6 days passed, without the possibility of proceeding on, returning to a better Situation, or get out to hunt; Scerce of Provisions, and torents of rain poreing on us all the time.

This essay by lewis on the lewis and clark expedition a college.

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They were also instructed to tell the Indians not to obstruct the passage of any white man and to make peace with one another for the good of European and American trade.

Sacajawea, who gave birth to a son during the winter ofproved invaluable to the expedition for her help in serving as a liaison between the company and various Indian tribes. Atlas of the wild west and other objective data. In addition, the explorers were to study and return samples of vegetation and wildlife and provide an account of the native tribes of the western country, detailing their language and customs while serving as diplomats from the U.

Lewis And Clark Essay - The Lewis and Clark expedition across the present day United States began May 14, With the approval of President Jefferson and the U.S.

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Congress, Lewis and Clark gathered an exploration party of about four dozen men. These men headed off to discover Western America. On September 1,they arrived at the.

Essay about The Lewis and Clark Expedition These diseases included boils, dysentery, frost bite, appendicitis, tooth aches, mouth sores, cholera, and many more.

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The only person to die on the expedition was Sergeant Charles Floyd, and he passed away with appendicitis. The book “The Journals of Lewis and Clark,” as edited by John Bakeless and written by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, chronicles the various events that Lewis and Clark experienced during the exploration of some Western territories.

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The Dugout Canoes of Lewis and Clark A mythology of "primitive" canoes, heavy and crude, and of primitive canoeing, has gradually taken hold in Lewis and Clark scholarship, and is here revised. This essay examines their canoeing as well as their canoes. The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Online is sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Center for Great Plains Studies, the University of Nebraska Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, and University of Nebraska Press.

Clark was an engineer, geographer, and frontiersman, and he had had greater skill at handling delicate negotiations with Indians. Lewis was the diplomat and had been trained in botany, zoology.

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